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First Impressions Matter!

Last October, I made the decision to leave the nonprofit I was working at and jump back into consulting. It had been three years since I owned my own business and I was really looking forward to hitting the ground running. I knew what I had to do to start a business. I better right? I coached clients on this process for years. I liked the concept behind my original firm name but I knew it wasn't quite right. I agonized over finding just the right name...I had acronyms, metaphorical names and I had my name in a name. I knew that I really wanted clients to understand that I love infrastructure! I know. I know. Infrastructure is not sexy. But infrastructure is the Cornerstone of a sustainable organization. I had to stick with Cornerstone! So, we became Cornerstone Strategic Solutions. I loved it!

I registered my new name and then I created my web site. People just needed to be able to find me! If you build it, they will come! I didn't second guess my decision to revive my old logo. I had created it on my own years before and it met my needs. It represented transformation (see The Dragonfly Story). That is what I helped my clients with. I ordered my business cards and I was all set!

I was off and running and began attending networking and professional development opportunities as the Principal Strategist for Cornerstone Strategic Solutions. But something just didn't feel right. I wasn't projecting the professional, confident image that I wanted for my business. I needed a new logo. In steps Red Lime. A friend from college who owns her own graphic design firm worked with me to turn my vision into a reality.

Knowing I had a brand new logo pushed me to ensure my vision for Cornerstone Strategic Solutions is a solid one and that my web site represented this vision. I am so excited to share this new logo and all of these changes with you! First Impressions Matter!

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