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Cornerstone Strategic Solutions supports nonprofits, social ventures and small businesses in their efforts to create financially viable and sustainable organizations through our work in organizational development, capacity building and in the establishment of a solid business infrastructure.   Focusing on the cornerstones of success, Cornerstone Strategic Solutions takes a comprehensive approach to create a custom blueprint for success that aligns organizational infrastructure with organizational mission.  
Vision + Strategy

A strategic operating plan provides direction and focus to organizations.  Cornerstone Strategic Solutions offers strategic plannng facilitation, plan creation, and implementation support. Examining all aspects of the organization ensures that your organization is reaching maximum potential.

Starting a new organization?  Cornerstone Strategic Solutions can help make sure you get off to a great start with a comprehensive business plan!

Human Resources

Human Resources are your greatest asset!  Yet managing staff can be the most complex part of your business.  Cornerstone Strategic Solutions can assist by helping you establish an employee handbook and personnel policies, benefits packages and professional development plans.

Engaging employees and developing a strong oganizational culture are key to becoming an employer of choice.

Financial Management

Cornerstone Strategic Solutions provides accounting and finance assessments  for day to day tasks, including payroll, accounts payable and accounts recieveable.  Cornerstone Strategic Solutions also provides CFO level duties including budgeting, cash flow management, internal controls, reporting, monitoring, procurement and audit preparation. 

Just getting started?  Cornerstone Strategic Solutions can help you establish an accounting system and financial processes and procedures.

Are you ready to diversify your revenue mix? Understanding your organizational readiness ensures successful mission delivery.

Cornerstone Strategic Solutions provides a variety of services to support nonprofit organizations with grant writing and management.  These services include prospect research, grant writing, application review, budgeting and reporting.  Are you looking to apply for a federal grant?  We can help you understand the implications of working with the government.


How do you tell your story?  Marketing is about truly understanding your clients and determing how to best build those relationships for enterprise success.  From social media and web site developement to Annual Report Development and storytelling, we are here for you.

A comprehensive marketing plan is a critical factor when trying to meet the needs of clients. A plan should include industry based research and Cornerstone Strategic Solutions can help.


Fully understanding customer needs and the impact your programming has on the community is critical to successful programming.  Creating logic models, program infrastructure and program budgets are things we can help with.

Federal, State, local and program regulations can add another layer of complexity to your organization.  Cornerstone Strategic Solutions can help make sense of these guidelines and assist with program compliance.

Cornerstone Strategic Solutions provides a free, 30 minute consultation for all clients.  After an initial assessment of client needs, a comprehensive work plan is developed.  Cornerstone Strategic Solutions provides its services via consulting, coaching, project based work and interactive training to best meet the needs of the client.  Ongoing communication provides continuous feedback and the work plans are adjusted as needed.  Pricing varies based on scope of work and organizational needs.
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