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Mission + Vision

Cornerstone Strategic Solutions supports nonprofits, social ventures and small businesses in their efforts to create financially viable and sustainable organizations through our work in organizational development, capacity building and in the establishment of a solid business infrastructure.

Taking a comprehensive approach by building on the cornerstones of success helps organizations to better meet their mission and have greater community impact.

Our Values

Innovation:  Our team stays current on the latest trends, what works and what doesn't and we strive to provide creative and efficient  solutions for our clients.  

Integrity:  All of our team members are held to the highest standards.  We make sure we are the best fit for your organization before we take on that first project.  We strive to deliver our services as promised and communicate with you along the way.  We maintain the highest level of confidentiality and strictly adhere to the Grant Professionals Association code of ethics.

Passion:  At Cornerstone Strategic Solutions, we are passionate about sharing our mission with our clients in an effort to empower them in reaching their goals.  We are are passionate about the sector and the community impact that is achieved when they reach their missions.  

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