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Professional Experience

Organizational Leadership


  • Strategic Planning facilitation and implementation

  • Internal process and procedure development

  • Risk management assessments and planning

  • Federal, State and local program compliance

  • Marketing plan development

  • Continuous improvement process management

  • Organizational structure and staffing assessment

  • Legislative advocacy



Financial Management

  • Organizational and programmatic budgeting

  • Financial reporting

  • State, federal and agency audit facilitation

  • Internal controls and fiscal policy development

  • Internal auditing and evaluation

  • Accounts payable and accounts receivable

  • Procurement procedure development

  • Financial modeling

  • Accounting software implementation

  • Cash flow projections



Program Management

  • One-on-one technical assistance provider

  • Curriculum development 

  • In-person and webinar trainer

  • Train-the-trainer

  • Multi-state and statewide service model delivery

  • Program participant materials development

  • Content development, curation and standardization

  • Program evaluation

  • Programmatic research and development

  • Customer needs assessment  

  • Event planning

  • Storytelling



Board Development

  • Board Assessments

  • Board Recruitment

  • Board Leadership & Governance


 Information Technology

  • Executive Information System development and maintenance

  • User training development and delivery

  • Web site development and maintenance

  • Intranet site creation and management 

  • Computer system maintenance

  • Email server management

  • Statewide knowledge base management

  • Sharepoint site administrator

  • Social media management



Fund Development, Grant Writing & Management


  • Prospect research and management

  • Grant readiness assessment

  • Grant lifecycle management

  • Author Federal, State, Foundation and local proposals

  • Formalize grant procedure and methodology

  • Grantee performance and compliance monitoring

  • Financial viability assessments

  • Grant reviewer

  • Development plan creation

  • Financial and programmatic reporting


Human Resource Management


  • Professional development standards and reporting

  • Employee benefit coordination

  • Onboarding and staff training

  • Compensation and employment policy establishment

  • Employee handbook development

  • Internship program creation

  • Staff recruitment and screening

  • Performance management metrics and procedures

  • Work team collaboration initiatives

  • Payroll processing

  • Wellness policy creation

  • Diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives


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