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On Anniversaries!

As the season changes from summer to fall, I have many reasons to celebrate. I love fall! The cool crisp air, the brilliant changing of the colors, and of course visits to the apple orchard. October also marks the one year anniversary of Cornerstone Strategic Solutions. As I began planning for the future, I also took the the opportunity to reflect on this past year.

Lessons Learned

Sometimes its hard to take your own advice. I am always telling clients to continuously evaluate processes, programs and outcomes and make adjustments as needed so that they are effectively and efficiently serve their mission. Because I provide a variety of services, I had to figure out the most effective way to offer those services. Thus began the concept of using a Blueprint to strengthen the Cornerstones of an organization. Watch for more on this in the future.

Getting Connected

As an independent consultant, it is often difficult to tell a potential client that you are not the best fit to meet their needs. This is why I looked to create strategic partnerships with a variety of consultants who are willing to partner with Cornerstone Strategic Solutions. These connections really helped me hone in on my business strategy and supported me through this shift.

Diving Deep

I love professional development! I am always looking for opportunities to further develop my skills. This summer I had the opportunity to obtain a certificates in Board of Directors Education and Strategic Planning Facilitation.

I will be offering new content and resources via the blog on a regular basis and have developed some new training materials for training and development. I can't wait to share to start sharing with you.

With Gratitude

There is so much to be grateful for! My family and friends who have supported me unconditionally on this journey. As well as all the mentors who have inspired me along the way. I am also grateful for all of those clients that chose Cornerstone Strategic Solutions to work their organization.

I recently saw this quote that has resonated with me and it is something that I will try to center and be present for as I look to the future of Cornerstone Strategic Solutions.

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